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  • Learn how to refill your candles.

    Learn how to refill your candles.

    Take one of our courses and learn how to refill your jars over and over again with our refill sets or send your jar back to be refilled at The London Refinery. 
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  • Fragrances Inspired By London

    Fragrances Inspired By London

    Try layering your fragrance around the room by using candles and diffusers. Our new sets are all inspired by areas of #London.
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  • Virtual Workshops with Teams

    Virtual Workshops with Teams

    Lucy our founder was asked to be on the panel for one of Tide's recent Zoom Masterclasses. Also Liza Haskell - VP People & Culture from Tide and Shak Welch - Team Lead KYC and Culture Club Lead from Tide were on the panel too. Here are a few points Lucy covered in the Masterclass; Empowering employees through engagement, fun and culture.  Virtual Togetherness Make your meetings visual, think about all the senses, use smell, sight, and touch too. Ditch the PowerPoint and get interact with your teams, ask questions and involve them with your presentation. Virtual Workshops Get teams together by trying a...

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  • Our online workshops reviewed by Alex from CraftCourses

    Our online workshops reviewed by Alex from CraftCourses

    Just when she thought her 2020 dreams of learning to make candles were over, Alex, from CraftCourses HQ, discovered London Refinery's home kits with live tutorial so jumped at the opportunity. Here's part of her blog below or read the whole article here.   If I was ever unsure about how the face to face classroom experience would translate into an online, very socially distanced format my concerns were promptly alleviated by the warm Zoom call welcome from our tutor, Lucy, and that she had thought of everything to ensure that we were armed and prepared with all the kit and...

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  • Natural fragrance for your home during isolation

    Natural fragrance for your home during isolation

    Make a revitalising candle During isolation have a go at making your own natural fragranced candle for your home. If you need a pick me up, try our citrus blend candle making kit with notes of lemongrass, bergamot, and grapefruit or try making a bean can candle with our new large cotton wicks. Create a relaxing space with a steam diffuser Pick essential oils like lavender or rose geranium to create a space of calm and serenity. Use a bowl of boiling water with a few drops of your chosen essential oils on top or try a cotton wool ball...

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  • Testing your wicks

    Testing your wicks

    Picking the right wick for your candle is probably the most important part of the whole process. We recommend that you source as many different wick types and sizes and try in in each wax and fragrance combination. Always take notes of the wick and fragrance combination and amounts to consult later. The wick can be considered as the engine of your candle and the type and size of wick required will depend on the wax, oils, and dye used. The aim is to get a melt pool the hole width of the candle jar after a hour of burning....

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