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  • The right environment for candle making

    The right environment for candle making

    First of all, get the right environment for candle making in your room. You want your room to be free of drafts, so keep all your windows and doors closed.
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  • Blending your essential oils

    Blending your essential oils

    Blending your essential oils Firstly think about your essential oil blends, try all the fragrances, ideally using fragrance blotter sticks to explore the different essential oil notes, to build up your fragrance. Who is this candle blend for? What do you want someone to feel when they are burning the candle? Do you have a candle fragrance story? Is it inspired by your travels or just a combination of oil that you love? Making your own candle means you can capture an emotion or an experience for everyone to enjoy. When working with essential oils try to avoid getting them on your...

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  • Learn how to make a natural perfume

    Learn how to make a natural perfume

    Our new perfume making class is live... Natural Perfume Making Class - Artisan Coffee Lab - Ealing Broadway - Saturday 12th October - 2.00pm The workshops will last for about 1.5 hours and will be hosted by Lucy Heale, Founder of The London Refinery. A little bit more about our natural perfume making class  The workshop will last for about 1.5-2 hours and will be hosted by Lucy Heale, Founder of The London Refinery. Attendees will start with learning about how their sense of smell works and how fragrance affects our mood and emotions. They will then learn about the different fragrance families...

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  • New Product Photography

    New Product Photography

      Here are some shots from our latest shoot with Yeshen shot in a beautiful interior in Hackney, London. The new branding focuses on the fragrance story and the new simple branding now fits in any interior space.  We are going to expand our product range to anti-bac hand and hay-fever balms, more candle ranges, essential oil car fresheners, bath salts, and coffee scrubs, all inspired by life and London.   I would love to make more products that are naturally derived, sourced with providence and solve real-life problems if it is a need for a calming balm on the...

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  • Candle Making Kit

    Candle Making Kit

      We have had so many people enjoying the classes so I thought I would design a kit full of the items you need to make your own candle at home. The kit is the perfect present for candle lovers who want to start making their own candles in their own kitchen. A candle business in a box!  The kits are available here and after our classes to purchase. 

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  • New products coming soon

    New products coming soon

    We are shooting today with Yeshen Venema in Hackney. Watch this space for new products and product photography.   Yeshen Venema is one of leading product photographers in the UK. Specialising in the design and craft sector, he works on location and from his own studio in Islington, London. He works with a regular stylist, Mugdha Sapte. and @mugdhasapte#shoot #newproducts #excited #interiorstyling

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