Virtual Classes and Candle Kits

Virtual Classes and Candle Kits

The year as been a world of change for all of us, and lots of change for us at the London Refinery. On the positive side, this time has opened up some new opportunities and experiences for us. 

Soy Candle Making Kit

Luckily our candle making kit products something we had developed earlier on in the year and was something a lot of people were already enjoying, but it ready came into its own during lockdown. Our candle kits have been a chance to escape, learn and make something new at the time we were all at home, it also became the perfect gift to send to others as a pick me up or just something to do. 

 virtual workshop on zoom

We also launched our virtual candle making classes which was an interesting move from our in-person classes. 

The plus points are with the virtual classes are: 
1. You have your own kit (sent to your home to keep).
2. The fact you can’t experiment with the oils in the class means guests focus on their fragrance story not the range of oils.
3. It’s lovely to be able to share knowledge all over the world. We have had guests from the US to Dubai all joining over Zoom. 

We will be continuing in sending out our candle kit and all our virtual classes in 2021. See all the dates here.

Lucy Heale - Candle Teacher London

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