About Us

The London Refinery is all about crafting natural fragrance. Starting with the heart note, top and base. Each product has a refined fragrance using 100% pure essential oils to create different emotions and enhance your wellbeing. All our products are free from petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or paraffin.

Want to relax, be revitalised or inspired?

Revitalise Blend: Lemongrass has a herbaceous aroma that can heighten awareness transitioning you from a sleepy state to a refreshed mentality. Relax Blend: Create a relaxing ambience in your home. Transform your surroundings into a haven of calm and serenity. Inspire Blend: The geranium is enriched with ylang ylang and topped with delicious hints of bergamot. Balancing and uplifting.

Candle care and safety

Here's some tips for keeping candle soot free and safe:  Adult use only, keep out of the reach of babies, small children and pets. Do not touch...

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Our Packaging

We try to keep our packaging as simple as possible. Each candle comes in a amber glass jar (all made in UK) with a black plastic screw lid. The can...

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Live from Instagram

thelondonrefineryThe @notjustashopual is launching a new retail space (272 High Holborn) this September featuring the @thelondonrefinery #candle #gifts The store is featured on @creativeboommaghttps://www.creativeboom.com/features/ual-launches-not-just-a-shop-to-support-the-next-generation-of-design-talent/