Bespoke Candles

Thinking about your own branded candle or would like your own custom fragrance at your event or wedding?

Bespoke Candle London


We can create own label natural candles. We can work with you to create your own personalised fragrance and candle made from pure essential oils and soy wax. We also have in-house design to create the perfect branding and packaging for your product.

Email for more details on the service. 

Case Study: H&M's #ConsciousCollection Candle

Bespoke Candle London H&M Event


Our bespoke candle for H&M's Sustainable Style Collection #ConsciousCollection

The London Refinery created an orange peel inspired fragrance, with notes of sweet orange, patchouli, lavender and neroli (orange blossom) essential oils. The fragrance was fresh and summery and matched the new H&M product line and the location of the greenhouse which was full of plants and fruits.

Bespoke Candle London H&M Event 

bespoke candle london