Our Latest Magazine Article...

Our Latest Magazine Article...

Lucy Heale set up The London Refinery Company in 2015 to bring nature’s work into the modern-day by creating simple, natural candles that are free from petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances. Each of their soy wax candles has a refined scent to create different emotions and enhance wellbeing. The London Refinery Company run candle making workshops and also sell kits to re-create their hand-poured candles at home. 

Candle making teacher

Quote from Lucy “I first started creating candles because I was interested in making the most natural candles I could and I wanted to share my skills so that others could make them too. My favourite part of the business is teaching, and recently we have been holding virtual workshops where I share knowledge and tips about candle making in our online classes. I love our Lavender and Rose Geranium essential oil blend because the scent combines beautifully and is relaxing whilst not overpowering. I’d love you to share in this experience by following my instructions and making your own ‘Relax’ candle at home.” 

Soy candle

Let's get started

First of all, get the right environment for candle making in your room. It's best to do the whole process close to your hob and cover your table or use a tray to catch any spillages. Set your bain-marie (with a glass bowl on a top and water in a pan below). Next, get all of your equipment or our one of our candle kits ready to go. 

What you will need

Or you can find the these individual elements on londonrefinery.co.uk:

candle making soy

The Blend

The ‘Relax’ fragrance is one of our most popular and has notes of lavender and rose geranium which creates a relaxing ambience in your home and can transform your surroundings into a haven of calm and serenity.

candle making

Please remember these Candle Making Safety instructions:

  • When working with essential oils try to avoid getting them on your skin as they can be irritant. 
    Never heat the wax straight on the hob always use a water barrier.
    Don’t pour molten wax down the drain or leave unattended.
    Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
    Keep wax away from an open flame.
    Don’t overheat the wax to over 65 degrees C.

General Candle Safety for when you are using you candle at home:

  • Candle are for adult use only.
    Do not touch a hot candle or leave unattended.
    Trim the wick to 5mm in length before lighting.
    Burn for 2-3 hours at a time to allow the wax to melt evenly.
    Do not relight a candle that contains less than 7mm of wax.
    Never burn for more than 3 hours.

Need a bit more help? The London Refinery Company runs regular masterclasses, both online and in-person find out more at londonrefinery.co.uk. You can buy kits containing everything you need to create this candle, including an online tutorial from Yodomo.co. 

Happy Chandling!

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