The right environment for candle making

The right environment for candle making

First of all, get the right environment for candle making in your room. You want your room to be free of drafts, so keep all your windows and doors closed. Next set up a table with all your equipment, it's best to do the whole process close to your hob and cover your table or use a tray to catch any spillages.

Candle making room

Next, get all of your equipment ready to go.

What you will need
(all the equipment comes in our London Refinery candle making kits available here on

Your candle fragrance
Soy wax – 145 grams for each 180ml amber glass candle
A cotton wick (with sustainer)
Wick glue stickers or candlewick glue
Candle labels
Safety stickers (these are for your home use only you need professionally sourced safety label to be able to sell your candles)
A household peg
A wax or milk thermometer

Candle Making Kit

Now you are ready to get started...

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