Blending your essential oils

Blending your essential oils

Blending your essential oils

Firstly think about your essential oil blends, try all the fragrances, ideally using fragrance blotter sticks to explore the different essential oil notes, to build up your fragrance. Who is this candle blend for? What do you want someone to feel when they are burning the candle? Do you have a candle fragrance story?

Is it inspired by your travels or just a combination of oil that you love? Making your own candle means you can capture an emotion or an experience for everyone to enjoy. When working with essential oils try to avoid getting them on your skin or into your eyes as they can be irritant.

Safety: Keep a carrier oil like an almond or grape oil to hand, if you spill any essential oils on yourself just dilute it with the carrier oil.

We have two candle fragrances that are our most popular. The Revitalise and Relax fragrances. The Revitalise has notes of the lemongrass, bergamot and grapefruit, with a citrus aroma that can heighten awareness. The Relax fragrance has notes of lavender and rose geranium which creates a relaxing ambiance in your home. You can use these as a guide for your first blends if you need some help.

Find out about our candle classes here to learn tips in person at one of our classes.

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