Private Workshop - Create your own candle blend

Discover the power of smell and scents in a private two and half hour workshop with Laura, our head candle maker at The London Refinery. Learn about the lightest top notes, deeper earthy base notes and middle notes which bind the fragrance together into a harmonised blend. Create your own blend which perfectly encapsulates you or captures a moment in time with wonderful emotive scents.

Guests will start by developing their own scent story, learning about how their sense of smell works and how it affects their mood and emotions. We encourage them to be inspired by memory in order to create their own personal scent profile for their candle. We will then provide a range of 50+ 100% pure essential oils to blend in order to evoke their scent in a beautiful natural candle. Laura will then lead them through the science of candle making- heating the wax to exact temperatures, blending the oils, infusing the wax, choosing the correct wick- and they will finish the workshop by pouring their own, natural, 40 hr burn time, vegan soy candle to take home.

  • 2.5-hour private experience with the The London Refinery for up to 2 guests.

  • Blend your own personalised fragrance using 100 percent pure essential oils.

  • Full burn testing using your blend and vessel

  • Your fragrance will be kept on file at The London Refinery for future refilling.

  • We will refill your vessel/s with your fragrance and deliver them to your home post-workshop.

Contact us to book your date -

Location: The Elgin, Notting Hill or we can discuss traveling to your location.