Make Your Own Candle Kit Coming Soon...

‘Make your own’ London Refinery Relax Candle Coming soon...

Our make your own candle kit is nearly live! We have had so many people enjoying the classes so I thought I would design a kit full of the items you need to make your own candle at home.

Each kit will have enough ingredients to make a 180ml London Refinery Relax candle. The kit is the perfect present for candle lovers who want to start making their own candles in their own kitchen. 

How to instructions, amber glass jar (180ml size), whisk, wick glue pad, soy wax, the relax fragrance (the perfect combination of lavender and rose geramium essenital oils), stainless steel candle wax thermometer, cotton wick, wooden stick, peg, candle label and safety sticker. 

Things you need:
Jug, cooker hob, bain marie (a saucepan with water and heat proof dish) or double boiler.

Here’s a few candle making safety rules which must be remembered:

Never heat the wax straight on the hob always use a water barrier.
Don’t pour molten wax down the drain. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
Never leave molten wax unattended.
Use a thermometer so you always know the temperature of the wax.
Keep wax away from an open flame.
Don’t overheat the wax to over 65 degrees C.