COVID-19 Secure Measures

(COVID-19) Coronavirus restrictions:

From December 2021

  • For the purposes of NHS Test & Trace, we will display an official NHS QR code poster so that customers and visitors can optionally ‘check in’ (in addition to contact details already obtained by The London Refinery).

  • We will keep a record of all London Refinery staff working at the workshop.
  • A risk assessment for the workshop and location is available.

  • We will encourage the use of face coverings for all students and teachers whilst inside our premises (unless exempt for heath reasons).

  • We will provide hand sanitiser and/or handwashing facilities as students enter their premises to reduce the risk of transmission.

  • We will provide clear guidance on social distancing and hygiene to students on arrival, for example, signage and visual aids.

  • We will conduct frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between workshops, using their Covid approved cleaning products.

For all live events we will be:

  1. Completing a health and safety risk assessment that includes risks from COVID-19.

  2. Providing adequate ventilation. Make sure there is an adequate supply of fresh air to enclosed spaces where there are people present. This can be natural ventilation (doors and vents), mechanical ventilation (fans and ducts), or a combination of both.

  3. We will clean more often. It’s especially important to clean surfaces that people touch a lot.

  4. Turning away people with COVID-19 symptoms. Staff members or customers should self-isolate immediately if they show any symptoms of COVID-19.

  5. Communicating and training. Keep all your workers, contractors and visitors up-to-date on how you’re using and updating safety measures.


What is London Refinery's cancellation policy in regards to COVID?

Bookings cannot be refunded or rescheduled within 7 days of an in-person classes, or within 48 hrs of a live online class, except in exceptional circumstances.

One of our exceptional circumstances is a "COVID-19 positive test result". This could be a lateral flow or PCR test.

If any student tests positive within 7 days of an in-person class, they are eligible for a refund or reschedule of their booking.

This policy does not relate to any contact with COVID, or cold/flu like symptoms that have not resulted in a positive test result.

All guests must contact us prior to the class start time in order to adhere to the policy.