Virtual Workshops with Teams

Virtual Workshops with Teams

Lucy our founder was asked to be on the panel for one of Tide's recent Zoom Masterclasses. Also Liza Haskell - VP People & Culture from Tide and Shak Welch - Team Lead KYC and Culture Club Lead from Tide were on the panel too. Here are a few points Lucy covered in the Masterclass; Empowering employees through engagement, fun and culture. 

Virtual Togetherness

Make your meetings visual, think about all the senses, use smell, sight, and touch too. Ditch the PowerPoint and get interact with your teams, ask questions and involve them with your presentation.

Virtual Workshops

Get teams together by trying a workshop, an activity, yoga or mediation together. Connect on Zoom with a live workshop.


Our Workshops

Use a blend of physical and digital to deliver a unique and deeper team experience. We have moved our candle making classes online and we send branded kits out for guests to get creative with virtual workshops together via zoom.

We encourage everyone to have a go have with fragrance making by playing with essential oils. We start by thinking about fragrances and the memories of the places they evoke. We have had colleagues who don’t know each other leaving feeling empowered with a new skill and chatting off with new team members and finish with their own personal candle. More details here...

Find brand experiences that create moments that matter, evokes emotional responses, deeper relationships, and creates meaningful memories that can be cherished, re-visited, or shared.

Experiences that fit your brand

Event companies should be able to flex to your brand and customise their experience.

We've created a range of custom experiences, for example, we created a candle blend for H&M around their new conscious range with fragrance notes which relate back to their brand story. We’ve worked with teams at Tide, Nike, Google to Spotify to send candle kits, hold corporate classes and brand events.

Send a physical thing in the post

Send a wellness kit, a personal message or a gift to your team. Design your mail-outs to fit with your brand and make employees feel a togetherness.


Go digital free

Post lockdown, back in the office. Step away from the screen and get together. Go digital free for a hour and take some time out from the desk. We work with lots of financial businesses and law firms, where a workshop lunchtime hour is a chance to get creative and gets people talking across teams. Some guests have even gone on to make candle making full-time hobby. Also, think about the office, use aromatherapy in office environments to create calm spaces.

Elmley Retreat  - Above - Beautiful photography by Chris Blackledge


Try a corporate retreat together as a team. We hold candle making session at retreats and wellness weekends at Elmely, a 3200-acre nature reserve in Kent, a beautiful place to escape the London buzz.


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