Candle Making with Maker's Mark at Sketch, London

Candle Making with Maker's Mark at Sketch, London

Parlour presented...Discovery of Fragrance - Candle creation workshop with @makersmark and @thelondonrefinery

We held a masterclass at Sketch in the Parlour bar. Guests reignited their senses with a multi-sensory evening of candle making fragrance and cocktail. #sketchlondon #sketchParlour.

Valentine’s Day Blends
Lavender + Patchouli + Ylang ylang
Cinnamon Bark + Ginger + Ylang ylang
Ylang ylang + Petitgrain + Neroli


Sketch Candle Making


Some of the most romantic essential oils include:

A vanilla-like essential oil that instills happiness and supports healthy emotions.

A very relaxing oil that improves mood, focus, and spirituality.

Clary Sage
Stops mind chatter and supports emotional well-being.

It has a rose-like scent that supports the circulatory system.
A very relaxing and stress relieving oil.

The aroma stimulates the senses and desires helping to unleash your sensuality.

The most important ingredient in Eau-de-Cologne, neroli essential oil has a beautiful citrusy and sensual aroma that calms and arouses at the same time! Victorian brides would wear a sprig of neroli in their headdress and also carried it in the bridal bouquet to help calm nerves, as well as to stimulate the libido on the wedding night!

Deep and mysterious, patchouli essential oil can unlock the hidden depths of your passion.

Rose Otto
This is surely the most feminine of oils, with a powerful seductive and sensual action.

With its sensual, woody aroma, sandalwood essential oil is great on its own and an ideal oil to awake the passions within.

This oil is literally worth its weight in gold due to its low yield and high production cost. With its hauntingly beautiful floral fragrance, it is worth every penny when used for its aphrodisiac properties.

Ylang Ylang
This is another essential oil with a passionate and arousing action, plus it is a powerful relaxant that can help to allay nervousness and anxiety if you are the shy type. Ylang ylang essential oil has the ability to harmonise the emotional and sensual part of our being, releasing the fear of sensuality. Considered an aphrodisiac oil.



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