Make your own candle at home

Make your own candle at home

We have created the new self-isolation Starter Candle Making Kit + Film, only £25.00. Great for those who want to dip their toe into the world of candle making without the investment. 

It has all the candle making equipment you need (except a whisk and a bain-marie which can be created with a saucepan and glass dish), all the ingredients comes all ready measured for you to make candles at home with ease. Order here for 1st class delivery.

Make your own candle at home
  • Erica says...

    Hi so I would like to eventually make natural candles with essential oils as I am nearly about to launch my natural cosmetic buisness.. I would love to at least have 3 essential oil candles to be apart of my natural cosmetic buisness I dont no where to start if I started your course or getting the kit

    On Aug 04, 2020

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