Check out Lucy’s five top tips on creating the perfect scent for Christmas 2021

Check out Lucy’s five top tips on creating the perfect scent for Christmas 2021

What’s in your Christmas candles?

There has been an increase in interest in how they are made and from what. This has led to the rise of soy based candles and use of ‘natural’ ingredients. People are wanting products that promote wellbeing but are shocked to find their festive candles smoke marks around their home. Look for soy and bees wax candles over paraffin based products and keep your candle wicks trimmed

Happy with what’s in your products? Well now it’s time to create the perfect fragrance for your Christmas party.

First start by lighting your candle to create a lovely ambience in your room. The glow of the flame warms the room and the soft emanating fragrance will flow around the space. Let the candle burn for a least one hour to achieve the full fragrance. Next ‘layer’ the room fragrance by adding a diffuser in key areas where a candle might not be suitable. Lastly, finish with a display of freshly cut greenery from the garden like holly or leaves from evergreen hedges.

The power of the aroma!

Use aromatherapy to change moods and create a feeling for your festive guests by using candles and diffusers which contain pure essential oils. We have created a range of candles and diffusers which can be used in different areas of the home. The London Refinery Relax candle is perfect in the bathroom or bedroom, with fresh notes of lavender and rose geranium. Our London Refinery Revitalise candle blends an accord of citrus notes and is great for an upbeat Christmas dinner party. The London Refinery Inspire candle matches any floral bouquet with notes of ylang ylang and rose.

Ban the the boring! Let’s escape the classic cinnamon!

A truly Christmasy fragrance is one that brings memories of Christmas past. If it’s the smell of Christmas tree needles as they dry out, or the waft of brandy from the glass left for Father Christmas by a slightly wonky carrot. Christmas fragrances should be full of character and have a fragrance story. Welcome our two new London Refinery Christmas Fragrances. The first; Hampstead Heath - a winter’s walk on a fresh misty Christmas morning. Features fir and cedarwood and lemon essential oils. The second; St. Paul’s an atmospheric heady evensong, containing mandarin, black pepper and clove essential oils.

Make your own Christmas candle fragrance

We will be at the Ideal Home Show this Christmas on 24th November holding a Christmas candle making workshop. Watch us talk though the new London Refinery Christmas fragrances live on the day and find out top tips on how to pour your own festive candles on the day.

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