With the weather brightening up each morning, and those first flowers poking through, spring is just around the corner - and so is Mother’s Day.

Here at The London Refinery we’ve been thinking hard on how to treat our mums, and thought we would share our top ideas for all of your Mother’s day moods: 

The remote hug ...

Want more than a window wave this Mother’s Day? Not only are our candles a great gift, but they can also soothe the distance. Book a virtual masterclass with our studio and spice up your usual zoom calls by remotely creating one of our candles. This year treat yourselves to a lockdown “day out” by staying in and being together online.

Mother's day workshop

The luxury package…

Sometimes the best thing you can give is space and time for your mum to have a bit of fun on their own by letting them get stuck into our luxury double kit. With a chance to have a go at both of our signature candles, this box goes that little bit extra, offering fragrances that both relax and revitalise the senses. 


Mother's day candle making kit

The homemade hero…

Remember when you were a child and each year your mum would smile at your homemade gift? Well, why not show off your old-school talents, (whilst giving yourself a little treat), by using one of our starter kits to create your very own candle to send along. 

Want a bit of extra help? Always willing to lend a helping hand here at London Refinery, with our digital class included in the starter kit, we can work together to create a candle you might just want to keep for yourself. 

The busy bee…

Despite being locked in this year, life is charging ahead! So, if you don’t have time to make your own, you can always send one of our handmade candles, ready to go to that special parental figure. Now including our London candle range, with scents such as Hampstead Heath, you can gift the homely scents of those family walks, from the warmth of your own home. 

Want to know what else we’ve been loving? 

Over the past year we’ve been proud to see our candles, and candle making kits, be put to good use through bringing people together, and Mother’s Day is no exception. We’re also proud of the other independent businesses doing the same, so we thought we’d share what we’ve been marveling at over here:

Peloton Flowers:

It’s no secret we love sustainability, and are drawn to environmentally conscious things, so naturally Peloton has captured our hearts. Set up originally through combining one partner’s floristry with another’s bike business, the company has grown, and are still creating wonderful flower arrangements today. Their Mother’s Day choices - named after Abba songs, just making us love them even more - are something we have our eye on this year. 

Crumbs & Doilies:

This fab bakery, with delicious cookies and cakes, perfect for any remote catch up over a cuppa this Mother’s Day, are only made sweeter by their natural ingredients. Like our candles, (but way more tasty), Crumbs & Doilies use ethical ingredients from free-range products to organic flour. Their bake at home gifts are the perfect pairing with one of our own, so you can plan a day full of fun activities with your mum over zoom. 

The Happy Blossoms:

The Happy Blossoms promote themselves as bright, bold and happy, and you just need to look at one of their creations to know they’re right. Their amazing dried flower arrangements are perfect to brighten any room. This family-run business is at the top of our lists for treating our mums this year.  

As always here at London Refinery we love to help people go that extra mile, so if you’re looking for something more, whether it be a personalised message, or a custom blend, send us an email and one of our team will be happy to guide you through all we have on offer. 

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