Candle Making Masterclass - The AllBright - Rathbone Place - Thursday 7th May - 7.00pm

Candle workshops will last for about 2 hours and will be hosted by Lucy Heale, Founder of The London Refinery. 

Attendees will start with learning about how our sense of smell works and how fragrance affects our mood and emotions. They will then learn about the different fragrance families and what top, heart and base notes are.

They will then learn how to use the range of essential oils to blend into their own soy wax candle. They will start by heating the wax, blending of the oils, and finish with pouring their own 180ml candle to take home.

Each workshop participant will have their own blending equipment, mixing jug, whisk, glassware provided. 

The AllBright Rathbone
11 Rathbone Place
W1T 1HR 

We are excited to be holding the workshop at The AllBright Rathbone. This class is open to members and non-members. 

Situated in the heart of Fitzrovia, The AllBright Rathbone extends over five storeys of a beautiful Georgian townhouse, full of charm and rich in heritage.

The AllBright is a community, digital academy and collection of private Members' Clubs with restaurants, bars, and working spaces in Central London and LA. From the art that adorns the walls to products in our beauty salons, we are designed to celebrate, champion and connect smart-thinking women. The menu shines a spotlight on talented female growers, winemakers, cheesemongers. The clubs open their doors to both women and men and, through impressive food and incredible live events, create endless opportunities for socialising.

£50 per person. The class makes a great gift. Gift vouchers are available on request.